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Eneron conducts an energy audit for the Finnish Embassy in Estonia

Toompea Hill has played a key role in the history of Estonia and Tallinn. Estonia has been defended and ruled over the centuries from here, in both a secular and a religious capacity. The Finnish Embassy is right at the heart of Toompea, on the edge of the Cathedral Square.

An efficient energy audit model

EnerOnline allows audit data and real-time proposal information to be shared across the globe with everyone involved with property maintenance and with decision-makers in only a few seconds. The cost-effectiveness when compared to traditional energy audit models is significant.

Energy audits are performed on individual properties or on a few buildings belonging to the same property company at the same time. Audits can be conducted on residential, commercial or industrial buildings. An energy audit is necessary when the property owner wants to survey possibilities to reduce the energy consumption of an individual property and to improve its energy-efficiency.

Added value of the service

As a result of the service, a comprehensive summary is produced of the property and its energy saving potentials, including:

  • An analysis of the energy saving status and technical condition of the property or process

  • An account of the energy saving potential and a summary of energy efficiency solutions

  • Specification of necessary repair investments and respective investment calculations

  • Comprehensive information on the energy saving status of the property. Based on this information, the customer can make decisions on required measures, repairs and investments.

The information collected during the service, as well as the results and reports, are saved and maintained in the EnerOnline application. The results are also reported to the customer via the EnerOnline application.

For more information, contact:

Kaj Karumaa, Eneron Oy Puh. 050 3425033,

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