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Energy-efficiency plan to be part of Finland’s eco-prison program

The energy service directive (2006/32/EY), which came into effect in 2006, set a 9 percent indicative energy savings target for 2016 for member states. For example, the public sector is required to show the promotion of energy-efficiency in directive-compliant operations. Eneron created an energy-efficiency plan for the Finnish Criminal Sanctions Agency to speed up the transition to eco-prison operations.

The transition to eco-prison operations also means going to an operating model for property management where energy-efficiency can also be increased without investments. For this purpose, prison-specific targets will be set. In addition to improvements in energy savings, other focus areas include the more efficient use of space through cost-effective measures, the reduction of environmental impacts in accordance with the principles of sustainable development, the energy-efficient achievement of safety objectives and the review of investments from the perspective of the entire life-cycle.

Energy efficiency plan

An energy-efficiency plan is drafted for a portfolio of several properties, for the systematic improvement of their energy-efficiency by the owner or user. The objectives of energy-efficiency management are the reduction of the property’s energy costs and the improvement of its building management technology and indoor air quality.

The result of the service is the Energy Efficiency Plan. It describes the energy saving goals for the company’s property stock; specifies the properties that are critical in terms of energy use; and includes a plan for the management of the improvement of energy-efficiency and the measurement and monitoring of results. In addition, the key figures of the energy use of individual properties have are known (specific consumption based on consumption and weighted with form factors; the E number; total energy, electricity and heat consumption and respective specific consumptions) and the properties that need energy audits are identified. If energy audits have been performed on properties before, any recorded proposals for action are analyzed and the comparison of profitability calculations on the required investments are completed.

For more information, contact:

Kauko Niemelä, Facility Manager

Criminal Sanctions Agency/Central Administration,

Tel. +358 29 568 8573,

Jarmo Kontro

Tel. +358 44 760 0410,

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