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Eneron and Open Source

As a part of developing #Flutter technologies for our building and energy management software, our tech lead and CTO Mikael "Mike" Rydström has released open source Flutter libraries. These technologies were born and developed to support our internal needs, but are also generally useful and have been published as open source packages for public re-use by other Flutter software developers.

A key area in software UI design is to be able adjust the look and feel of the application with ease. Flutter offers good application theming features, but it can be cumbersome and confusing to use. Many developers new to Flutter struggle with it, so did we. To make it easier, our tech lead developed a theming package called FlexColorScheme.

With FlexColorScheme it is easy to make consistent Flutter application themes. Support different styles and looks of the application, and even change the look dynamically. For a single themed app it is quick and easy to find the style you need, and for apps supporting white label custom branding, we use it to make apps and systems that can be branded and styled by our customers dynamically.

The FlexColorScheme package is released on, the official package repository for Dart and Flutter apps. We are pleased that FlexColorScheme has gained international recognition in the Flutter community. It is included in the Flutter Favorite program, that contains a selection of 67 packages out of more than 26 000 packages published on

The package has it own extensive documentation site, published with its own name sake domain at The package comes with a live web configuration tool called the Themes Playground. The Playground not only demonstrates the theming configuration capabilities of the package, it does it dynamically while persisting the selections and writing API configuration source code for the configuration, that can be copy pasted as a ready to use app theme to your Flutter application.

The Themes Playground application is itself also open source, and included as one of the tutorial examples in the package GitHub repository.

Another released Flutter library is a color picker called FlexColorPicker, it is used to select colors, typically to change colors of visual elements in applications. It offers a large range of configuration capabilities and supports all Flutter platforms, including desktop with platform adaptive copy/paste short commands.

We look forward to releasing more general purpose libraries and contributing to the Flutter open source ecosystem in the future as well.

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