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The development of the new TALO Platform continues

Eneron energy management has been in use by large property owners since 2013. The largest portfolio we manage consists of more than 500 properties, whose consumption and cost data is automatically collected and reported by our service platform.

However, technology is evolving and we have been designing and building a new service platform for a year. The new solution is based on Flutter, a new open-source cross platform development framework by Google. We call our new solution TALO, which is Finnish for house or building. TALO brings a much easier-to-use interface and enjoyable user experience to our services. It is based on modern mobile designed concepts and will be available on both Android and iOS. Thanks to Flutter, the solution will also be available on Web and desktop platforms.

We are in a situation where we are applying for funding right now in order to gain accelerated market access. If you are interested, we will be happy to discuss it in order to move forward. We are ready for various arrangements.

What does TALO look like? Get a sneak preview in this video:


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