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Eneron at the Global Cleantech Summit 2015

“Energy efficiency in buildings matters and it matters a lot” Mikael Rydström, CTO at Eneron concludes in a presentation at the Global Cleantech Summit 2015.

In the Finnish “Cleantech solutions for Life” section at the Global Cleantech Summit 2015, Mikael Rydström presents Eneron’s concept and process oriented approach on how to systematically make buildings more energy efficient considering property owners’ entire building portfolio. Mikael highlights that the decision for property owners to invest in energy efficiency improvements in their buildings, can be done based on life-cycle investment calculation for their building portfolio. “We can even say which savings measures, in which buildings in the studied portfolio should be implemented to achieve a given minimum acceptable internal rate of return on their total investment”, says Mikael and shows and example with a 15% requirement.

Taking a look at the big picture, we learn why energy efficiency in buildings really matters. With current technology and its low adoption level in existing buildings, we could save about 8.5 billion euro annually in energy costs in Finland in buildings alone. Mikael jokes that this sum is roughly equivalent to the savings that two familiar Finnish government officials are looking for.

“On a national level this kind of saving is like a structural reform that pays dividends every year”

Even only partially implemented on a national level, this would have a significant impact on the import/export balance of the Finnish economy, as the major part of the primary sources used for our energy production is imported. The work needed to realize all the energy savings investments in our buildings, would also stimulate the Finnish economy by creating a lot of new work opportunities, both for traditional engineering companies and installers as well as for innovative new Cleantech solution providers. And let’s not loose track of the fact that these investments are also very profitable for the investors.

“What is stopping us from making Finland a model country for energy efficiency?” is a question we have been asking ourselves lately at Eneron, says Mikael. We know it is doable, still the uptake and rush to realize these improvements and savings in the installed building base, have so far been slow. Considering the need to structurally reform Finland to make us more globally competitive, we think that this opportunity is too big to ignore.

Please find the presentation material attached in PDF format here and in PPT format here.

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